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    About Us

    Snider Services was founded on four key concepts:


    Hard Work
    As a company focused on customer service, we work hard to insure jobs are scheduled, monitored, and completed on our customer's schedule.


    We have the character and honesty to do what's right for our customers, even when it hurts. Our goal, as with any company, is to profit and grow. However, if we make a mistake, we pay for it and it is never at our customer's expense.


    We cover the nation and can be reached to provide service anywhere in the country in a variety of ways. Whether it's next month, next week, or in the next four hours, we'll be available and will do everything we can to meet your service needs.


    Our mission is to be the company you return to for service again and again, because you can count on us to get the job done right for you.


    we are aiming to earn your trust. You should know when you call Snider Services that we'll do our best for you every time in every way.


    Company History

    Snider Services has been providing installation and on-site service support directly and indirectly for 7 years. The business was started after several areas were identified where our competitors and former employers were falling short in the on-site services industry. Many of our competitors are very rigid in what they do and how they do it; we do our best to be flexible and agile. Our competitors often treat the technicians as expendible resources; we see them as colleagues and partners.

    For example, one of our customers discovered us through our "Can Do" attitude. We had been contracted by a nationally managed services provider to provide field teams for a particular national retailer's DSL rollout. In several instances, the retailer required on-site assistance for their POS systems. Our technicians were happy to help and as a result the retailer commended us and asked if we could provide additional on-site services. Since the service provider was not interested in that facet of the business, we were introduced directly to the customer and now are managing their service calls and installations.

    The majority of our customers have come through a referal of one sort or another; we strive to impress all of our customers so they'll make referrals, too!


Our Customers Say…

I have been working with Snider Services for the past 2 years on over 60 projects. In the IT world, there are always issues to deal with. Snider Services works hard to provide me solutions that work. They are always available when I need them. I would recommend Snider Services to anyone.


Justin v. S., Project Manager


Our Customers Say…

Whether it is working with Snider Services to open a new retail store or helping an existing store resolve a problem, we know we can rely on your technical expertise to meet our deadlines and work around our business schedule. They don't get much better than you guys!


Pat S., Retail Systems Manager