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    What We Do

    The core of our business is low-voltage cabling (voice, data, security, audio/video, paging systems, etc.), but our techs have a range of additional proficiencies and are available as remote hands to troubleshoot most IT and telecom problems. We have techs available to help with Cisco networking, VoIP, Network Security, and PCI Compliance. Also, we regularly engage experts to help solve the more intractable phone system configuration and networking issues. Please see below for a list of just some of what we do!


  • What we do: a sample of our customers' requests

    • Voice and data demarc extensions, both for end customers and for a managed network providers.
    • New store buildouts, including all low-voltage wiring (voice, data, security, cameras, traffic counters, audio) and equipment setup (registers, back-office computers, network equipment).
    • Avaya IP Office configuration/troubleshooting.
    • Network equipment replacement / remote hands troubleshooting.
    • MDF / IDF cleanup and recabling and new cable-management.
    • Inter-IDF fiber runs.
    • Wiring refurbished rooms for voice and data within existing offices.
    • Wiring new multi-story offices for voice, data, and security.
    • Troubleshooting and repairing the inside wiring for a retail stores.
    • Re-anchoring falling backboards.
    • demarc

      Of course, that's just a sample. If you have an problem that's IT, low-voltage, telecommunications or networking related, please ask!

      Please note that we do have experience with and have completed LEED-compliant projects!

Our Customers Say…

I enjoyed working with the tech that you sent to Store #92 - Kevin. I think he also worked another site recently (the night job my teammate covered so I could sleep). He is incredibly patient and calm. I had him running back and forth between the old and new store several times and he never sounded frustrated. He also came prepared with a working laptop and seemed to know his way around pretty well to set it up and use it. We were in deep trouble on both the router (typo on public IP from LEC) and switch (port 1 was bad). He consoled into both and got things set up well enough that I could get in and fix problems. I tied up a tremendous amount of his time, but he stayed with me and never rushed or complained. ... I hope that we get a chance to work with Kevin again. The other techs that I have worked with lately have also been good and helpful. But I really dragged Kevin through the mud yesterday and appreciated his efforts. Talking with me for 3-4 hours was probably not on his planning list for the day.


Steve S., Network Services